We handle various parties ranging from children's birthdays to adults nights out.  A list of our prices and amenities can be found below.

To request a party please fill out the form to the right completely.  Click on our EVENTS page to make sure your date is available.  You will receive a confirmation either by phone or email from us within 24 hours of submitting your request.  We may ask for more information at that time.

ADULT PARTIES AND CENTER RENTAL  ..........   We will close the place down for you for $10 per bowler (min 15 bowlers).  You may then bring in alcohol (Must be 21 years old to drink) and small snacks (chips, cookies, etc.).  Again we ask that no outside food is brought in as we have a full menu ready to serve you.   

BIRTHDAY PARTIES  ..........  Our base price for Pizza,Pop, and 1 game of Bowling is $6 per bowler.  If you wish to bowl more just add $2 per game for any bowler.  You will receive 1 large pizza per 5 bowlers.  If more pizzas are desired they may be purchased from our menu at regular prices.

If you only want to bowl your cost is $2.75 per game with 15 or less bowlers and $2.25 per game with 16 or more bowlers.

We will close the center down, outside of our normal bowling hours, for a minimum of 15 bowlers.  Feel free to bring in chips or a birthday cake but we ask that no other outside food is brought in.  We do have a full menu and will be happy to serve you.